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2016 The 20th Shenzhen-HongKong-Macao International Auto Show

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An annual one, Guangdong's second largest international auto show, the twentieth Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Macau International Auto Show, today in Shenzhen convention and exhibition Center was held, the exhibition on June 4 - June 12! The world's cars are gathered in the Chinese, a large number of beautiful car models Airborne live show, Rush Cars contest will pull the curtain. The exhibition is only a Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao International Auto Show!

Auto Show brings together the major brands of cars, of course, ultimately be called lamp factory Audi, Audi because of the industry's first light bulb do really is heavy jackpot every Audi propaganda. Audi from 1992 began to study the lights now, lights still trying to do ......

If a day without the sun in the world? What would you choose to give you light? fire? Incandescent? Maybe you have a better choice of Audi headlights! If the eyes are the soul of man, that is, each headlight Audi Audi soul, not only enhances the sense of technology and luxurious feeling of the vehicle and give the wheels rolling forward courage. So Audi headlight Why so good?

The first car headlights and not until 1887, a pilot lost in the dark wilderness, a farmer with a portable lamp lead him home. Since then, mankind will have the oldest automotive lighting tool - kerosene lamp. But the drawbacks are kerosene lamp brightness is too low, people can see you, but you can not see the others. So off to be replaced soon.

With the development of technology, the necessary conditions are in place of electric light source lamp, incandescent lamp so it naturally became one of the most advanced automotive lights. Cars officially entered the era of electric lighting. But humans did not stop there, incandescent evolution again, then, the history of the development of automobile lights halogen lights revolutionary was born. With the people's demand to improve traffic safety and environmental consciousness, halogen lights gradually unable to meet the requirements of the people. Thus, Audi will once again set off a revolution in lights!

In 2008, Audi was the Audi R8 is equipped with the world's first LED headlamps, greatly enhance the beauty and driving safety of the vehicle, which also marks the formal entry into the LED lights era. 2014, from the future to the Audi laser headlights on the R18 E-TRON quattro LMP1 car completed the premiere, which is the next milestone in Audi's lighting technology.

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