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Alluminum Channel Letter --- M2 Lighter Letter

Source:M2 Light Stop    Author:Haimi.Z    Visit:2003    Pubtime:2016-07-14 15:06:55

Brexit finally happens, we were worried that the pounds devalue badly. It may cost more pounds for UK clients to import from China.
Good news is that RMB has risen, so it helps both of us to some extent.

There are many Acrylic Aluminum Letters enquirers recently.
In China market, people mainly choose stainless steel or powder coating  iron as return since 2011. Aluminum is mainly for outdoor large logo, because it is much lighter.
M2 can supply from 10 cm minimum. Price is also much cheaper, normally $1.25/ cm.
Send us logo file for accurate quotation.


If you prefer much much lighter letters, we suggest this ABS letters, but it needs to open new mould for each letter, so it also require large quantity & accurate logo file for quotation.

Super Light ABS Channel Letters

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