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Difference of the common LED driving methods, CC, CV, & IC

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We just explain the meaning of  CC, CV, & IC in LED power supply. But what are the diffierence so that we can choose the most suitable LED drive?

Direct Drive
Use C.C (constant current ) power supply, see its circuit diagram below.

Features: Voltage at the output of the power supply will equal to the total LED VF. If will be affected by temperature change.

Advantage/ disadvatage:

Lowest price
Highest efficiency
Uneven current for paralleled LED strips
Uneven brightness for paralleled LED strips
Quick decline in luminance. Short LED lifetime.

With series resistor
Both C.V.(constant voltage) or C.C (constant current ) can be used, see its circuit diagram below.

Features:Voltage exceeding total LED VF will appear across the series resistor. Moderate IF stability.

Low price, with addition resistor cost.
Lowest efficiency, due to resistor power loss.

With driver IC
Use C.V.(constant voltage) power supply, see its circuit diagram below.

Features: IC automatically limits IF to each LED strips. High IF stability.

Advantage/ disadvatage:

Slow decline in luminance. Longest LED lifetime.
Low efficiency.
Most expensive.

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