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How to Choose the Suitable Mean Well Dimming Products

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There are so many MW dimming products. How can I make a choice? What are the pros and cons?

First, you have to know your Led lamp specification in order to screen out a suitable Led driver range (Wattage, Voltage, Max Current CC or CV). From those ranges, further check a compatible dimming function. Hereunder is a table to show you the pros and cons of Dimming Function you can find in MW’s catalogue.





Simple concept, lowest cost

The durability of the potentiometer may be an issue.


Easy to either find a compatible controller or build one.



Easy to find PWM control circuit.


AC phase cut

Old fashion dimming, can dim 100% to 0%. Dimming controller operate with different drivers

Lamp, driver and dimming controller may have compatibility issue.


Digital concepts, variable control function and application. 0 ~100% dimming feasible.

Cost is higher. Specific controllers are needed.

Push Dimming

Simple control. Controller cost relatively low.

Unable to fine tune dimming level.

Timer Dimming

Dimming profile customizable, including duration and current level.

Dimming profile cannot be altered on site by customers or operators.

PWM Voltage output

Output current in PWM style. Relieve color shift issue.

Owing to frequent ON/OFF switches, it is more vulnerable to EMI issue. Compared to other types of dimming.

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