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How to Cut LED Strips

Source:M2 Light Stop    Author:Admin    Visit:2121    Pubtime:2016-04-20 10:09:32

LED Strips is made by FPC flexible PCB which is flexible and easy to cut, so if you do not have a professional tool like VDE Pinces, an ordinary scissors can instead.


It is important that you need to cut by the cutting marks, ie. power pin, which supply LED Strips and do not need any further connection, see photo below.

It is 3 LED Bead each segment in 5 cm normally, so you can cut the length as you want. This is also the reason it is called Flexible LED Strips, because it is easy to cut, bend, connect, and with optional varial colors.

It is the same to waterproof LED Strips, RGB Colors Changing LED Strips, and White Color Temeprature Changing LED Strips.


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