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How to Make a Light Box in Photo Frames

Source:M2 Light Stop    Author:Haimi.Z    Visit:3293    Pubtime:2016-05-16 18:02:43

You must see many Youtube video about how to make a light box using photo frame. Aweosme? But What if you just can not wanna to make it and want it? What if you wanna the photo frame light box in your retail shops or home, but need premium finish? Do not worry, M2 Photo frame light box gonna help you.

See there are many ways to make a backlit photo boxes, in verious styles.

The first style is much simple, but beautiful, just a back board with LED Strips lines, click the photo to see the video, it is easy to make.

how to make illuminated photo frames

The second is much shining and magic. It is a little complex and much professional, like a infinity mirror.

how to make an infinity mirror using photo frames

What do you think about the third one? Is it amazing for your shops and home?

There is optional variable white color styles, see video.

supply customized Photo frame light box for retail shops

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