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How to Select Suitable Mean Well LED Power Supply ?

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As we know, Mean Well  becomes one of the leading switching power supply providers in the world, which has CE, UL, FCC, ROSH, etc certificate with lots of styles. So How to Select Suitable Mean Well LED Power Supply ?


First, Select Wattage

wattage is based on clients' system requirements and application methods. You must also take excess power and driving methods into considering.

Second, Select IP Level

It is based on LED power supply’s operating environment select suitable IP level and mechanical type (metal enclosure, plastic enclosure, and open frame PCB) for that environment.

Third, PFC Function

Is PFC function required or not? Single stage PFC is only suitable for LED load. Dual stage PFC is suitable for general applications.

Fourth, LED System

If LED system is based on direct drive, units with adjustable voltage and current should be considered for flexibility in changing voltage/current levels. Dimming function may also come in handy when LED brightness control is preferred.

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