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Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

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Jewelry is a valuable commodity, and its properties can only be destined goods placed in the semi-enclosed counter sales. So basically only one jewelry store presentation - of cabinet. And jewelry is a very small volume of goods, the general store or counter area is not large, compared to other shops, many simple illumination.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Lighting people understand all know, the color of light emitted by the light source itself is "light color", and jewelry by the light source reflected from the color, generally known as "surface color." Apart from some gems fluorescent or phosphorescent effect, in a dark environment will emit light, in general, the jewelry itself is not luminous.

While natural light is the best source of appreciation of natural stones, but in actual sales, subject to space constraints, businesses tend to choose artificial light illumination. So, how to use just the right light to visualize the value of the jewelry, it becomes a problem jewelers are concerned. Jewelry store lighting design requires extremely cautious. Some jewelers in decorated store or counter when generally only pay attention to the light should be bright enough, and the overall feel of the store gorgeous, magnificent, but ignore the proportional distribution of the light source so that the subject and non-subject no distinction between sales counters in placed jewelry lack of layering.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Overly bright lights in addition to unnecessary waste, its heat and electromagnetic radiation also destroy the object itself has the color and luster, especially for some organic gems, such as pearls, coral, amber and other structural and chemical composition will be affected . In addition, according to psychologists, the glare of the lights can also cause emotional impact on the customer and jewelry store sales staff also affected the success rate of the jewelry trade.

A good display by the illumination light environment, a sense of space, color, three-dimensional, glare, stability and other factors and constraints need to be considered when designing the following major elements: aesthetics: To a decorative space, heighten the atmosphere, beautification environment. Lighting design as much as possible to meet the needs of the jewelry display design, satisfies all the requirements of decorative showcase. Depending on the deployment of luminosity jewelry or show individual needs, providing a comfortable, prominent, light and vivid color display space.

NOTE sense of space: for a body or locally focused exhibition space, showcase display should be used in the area of lighting and lighting effects in two forms, in contrast to deliberately change bright and dark areas, creating a variety of needs space atmosphere, so that the light cloth partitions with different brightness Ming and dark areas constitute the sense of space. On the whole should be less of a point light source, combining each piece of jewelry with a narrow light beam projecting technique individual lighting, contrast ratio of 1:30 in a hierarchical and rich space full performance of each piece of jewelry personality.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Light color with: according to the type of jewelry with a reasonable color temperature light color, such as gold jewelry can be used for lighting warm white; and silver products or gemstone products can be used 5500K cool white lighting. In the same area using the same color temperature of the light source, so that the pearl showing the scintillation light and charming Symphony, let colored gemstone showing a richer color and bright light, so that the diamond rendered more crystal clear, pure fire and whiteness.

Reflect the characteristics: such as gold, pearls and other jewelry entirely by reflected light, pay attention to the direction of the incident light, so that reflected off the "bright spot" to stimulate the customer's eyes; jade, crystal and other jewelry pay attention to light texture, to pay attention to light.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Security: lighting design must strictly follow the rules and requirements specification design, the choice of building materials electrical equipment and appliances, should be carefully selected some good reputation, quality assurance of the manufacturers or brands should also take full account of environmental conditions ( as) damage temperature, humidity, harmful gases, radiation, steam and other jewelry accessories; the need to pay attention to handling ventilation, cooling and other issues.

Artistry: Stick to see the light but not light design, three-dimensional images to avoid glare and eye damage sense. Make full use of the illumination light, showing space level, as well as three-dimensional exhibits and decorations Showcase. With special lighting to convey a sense of three-dimensional jewelry, jewelry texture, revealing exhibits texture, texture, color and other aesthetic.

Suitable illumination: in jewelry lighting design, such as gold, platinum, pearls, diamonds and other small jewelry requires the use of accent lighting to highlight, the illumination is high enough, and the ambient illumination ratio of 10 to 30: 1 or so; Some jewelry such as jade, crystal, etc., the emphasis is on soft illumination does not have to be too high.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Jewelry display lighting requirements

Different jewelry require different lighting to match. General important consideration is color temperature, illumination level (brightness) and flicker. According to statistics, in the light irradiation jewelry 3300K ~ 5000K color temperature, it can show the best appearance, especially those containing continuous spectrum of light, jewelry showcase best. Also the designer in the choice of a light source with particular attention to the following factors:

1. Due to the different levels of lighting can distinguish between sales levels and body jewelry store, so it should have the right illumination;

2. Different flicker issue make jewelry different degrees of shine, the more significant when the reflected light, the more dazzling jewelry; three different color, jewelry can show the correct color and clarity, of course, the higher the color, the more it can portray jewelry meticulous craftsmanship and true color.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

Jewelry display lighting layout requirements

According to the design experience for the jewelry display cabinet lighting, general lighting ideal location, in front of jewelry or above the ceiling, either way, should pay attention to make the light source illuminating light overlap, so that reflects light. Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the lighting effect, when the jewelry is placed on a dark background, should increase the density of the lighting installation, or narrow the distance between the light and jewelry. Need special attention, do not let too dazzling bright light, attention radiometry, it will not only affect the atmosphere of the transaction, but also affect the quality of the jewelry. Of course, if you do not consider the cost, we may be in the jewelry showcase, using fiber-optic lighting.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

How to choose jewelry display lighting

Jewelry industry demands for lighting, should make jewelry emit bright light and correct the source. Currently, due to the ceramic metal halide light source brightness, high luminous efficiency, high color, has become the first choice for some of the domestic jewelry designer stores, especially small-power ceramic metal halide light source. But containing red light, ultraviolet light is particularly high, if you use it to make jewelry lighting, especially at close range lighting, it is easy to make jewelry discoloration and deterioration, it does not apply to counter brachytherapy. At present, the internationally popular jewelry using special lights Cup, such as diamond, tungsten halogen light source is recommended to use special jewelry. In addition, fiber optic and LED also has a soft light without stimulation, rich in light color, small thermal radiation, easy to install hidden features, more suitable for jewelry counter lighting.

Jewelry Store Lighting Design 1

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