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LG Smart LED High Bay Lights

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LG Electronics, in the United States, easy to install, thanks to its advanced packet radio technology and the lightweight, high-new energy efficiency, announced the LED and wireless communication of the round and IP65 industrial grade.
LG Smart LED High Bay Lights
This lighting simple selection of the existing high-bay new model to similar LG is bound to use the mobile apps (for Android devices), to enable efficient performance to the touch of a button and ungroup jig provide you. In addition, the modular fixture to provide the opportunity to customize the lighting level, in addition to management, you can do the management of higher flexibility and energy-saving equipment. There are three levels of lighting system integration, wireless controller made by third-party, provides a stand-alone, group control and ZigBee® open standard protocol that is used to integrate the sunlight and occupancy sensors. This is in order to create the work of the lighting control system of high bay required, can minimize the flexibility problems in the network.

LG Electronics, in the United States, has launched an intelligent LED mining lamp. (LG Electronics / institutions LEDinside)
LG round, broad lineup of high bay high bay performance model of IP65 grade food processing facilities, is the perfect company for sports facilities and equipment. It is, so you can supply the hose and high durability in the polycarbonate lens cleaning, suitable for individually each of the environment. In addition, the fixture lightweight, makes it easy to install, you weighed the weight of the pound less than 10. At the same time, simple choices LG high bay industrial warehouses and ideal for the plant, is still a low-cost option.

"Our high-bay lineup is extended in order to provide the core competencies of the most advanced and support of efficient LED lighting LG of solutions in the market," Sean Rafferty, of LG Electronics USA of LED lighting company relationship who says. "based on the positive feedback from customers, we are lighting equipment of competitive price, provide provide advanced wireless control retrofitters, to establish a new high-bay products in the fierce market competition not you. "
LG Smart LED High Bay Lights details

LG Electronics USA, a control module that allows for wireless control of lighting, to see close-up.
In order to facilitate easy integration of third-party system, a new high-bay of LG is recognized as the industry leader in the open ZigBee radio with the communication standard uses the compatibility Daintree Networks'®ControlScope® control platform you have.

Operational efficiency of customers with our energy control, and so can be used those of the enterprise network platform, "We, LG's new high-performance, to the existing lineup of LG of certified LED Daintree by jig ™ looking forward to the participation in the bay (E-IOT ™), and LG and the Daintree, in order to expand the number of users they have to be able to guarantee that it is not a fixture that building is just smart, "Dane tree network Derek Proudian, Chairman and chief Executive Officer (CEO), the company said, "is, we are facing management sensors in the future, their equipment and their facilities. "
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