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Smart Lighting in TILS and LED Taiwan 2016

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4-day International Lighting Fair LED Taiwan, was launched in Taipei Nangang Exhibition 2016 is officially held have been today (April 13). Foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council office (TAITRA) and the Taiwan International Lighting Fair in Taiwan of lighting fixtures exports Association jointly (TILS) will be hosted. On the other hand, TAITRA and SEMI Taiwan've joined forces in a third hand-held LED unit. The sum of the exhibitors of these exhibits 238 and making Taiwan the largest and most specialized exhibition of its professional lighting technology and applications, and offers a total of 748 stalls, drew companies from nine countries. 16,000 visitors are expected to attract experts and potential buyers.

Smart Lighting in TILS and LED Taiwan 2016

It is the seventh held TILS. Vice NagaGo AtsushiYoshi people will provide his address opening ceremony who attended the event again. Wu, Vice President, LED lighting industry of the government has emphasized with great expectations. He is since 2014 and 2016, launched a project to replace the mercury lamp. Last year in the LED to replace all of the (2015) completely mercury purpose of road lighting at the end, the government also has been developing the industrial transformation and innovation platform theme of consulting project - based on the research and development project, artificial intelligence It provides a variety of applications in order to promote the support LED lighting industry. Our goal is, optoelectronics, electronics, information, communication, in order to get the most out of Taiwan to the green industry, in order to develop a new LED artificial intelligence lighting services and systems, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to create new jobs, but to improve the relevant national competition power industry.

Foreign trade, Ni fee Oh government of Economy Minister Ren said that to promote the "Green Trade Action Plan", this year, Taiwan's overall green green market research to establish the image, environment percentage of expertise, and foreign strengthening of the resources integration and related products and will try service exports, we are promoting the Taiwan in East Asia green trading platform. One of the LED lighting of the key plan. Chief Executive Officer Peter · WJ Huang, chairman of the trade association, pointed out TILS Taiwan, 2 exhibition, to provide in the future of local and foreign customers with one-stop purchasing and exchange platform LED. Exhibition of 1000 years, Taiwan, 15000 is expected to attract potential foreign buyers from the owners and representatives of the business. SEMI Taiwan CEO Terry Cao was said to provide comprehensive display, the LED display industry from the production stage to the range both of the final product of the ecological environment of the Taiwan LED TILS. Mr. Cao, they are creating a potential opportunity for the LED-based products, is used as the focus of the industry and academic resources, it is possible to exhibit the R & D capability of the first class of Taiwan, specialized exhibition the was expected.

South Asia Optical Co., Ltd., Epistar Corporation, Teruaki Lin, China Electrical MFG. Alone famous, TILS company, Ltd. Taiwan Tang Hua, Zhongshan National Science and chemical-based Institute of Technology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and other leading companies and institutions, the exhibition of the key. LED Taiwan exhibitors Aurora sapphire, Cree, EPILEDS, GlobalWafers, laser of Han, Ronda, MIRDC sapphire processing alliance, will include Rapitech and Rubicon and Wei Min. These exhibits are, researchers, experts and industry insiders are invited to share information about the technology, of special regional and topic-based lobby, including the business plan of the latest development and the press conference, people-oriented we are developing the future trends of the development of artificial intelligence lighting industry.

[Innovative Product Award - appears to integrate with more system solutions between applications]
Competitors, outdoor architectural lighting, indoor lighting, as has been divided into the illumination unit varieties prestigious Innovation Award, has been selected a total of 11 products. Award must be submitted at the time of the opening ceremony, the product are as follows, which won five awards:
● NexTech Lighting International Co., Ltd. - the Wi-Fi camera with LED motion sensor security lighting
● InteLink Technology Co., Ltd. - LED Intelligent Lighting Solutions
● South Asia Optical Co., Ltd. - 80W Smart ceiling
● EPOCH Chemtronics solder company - LED Down Light Square - epoXcube
● Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd. - intelligent dimming waterproof LED power supply

Also Product Innovation Award nominated competitors, if it is innovative showrooms exhibit a combination of the main stage, exhibition visitors of these products is to experience how can become our way of integral part of life it will be able to. In addition, to launch the Taiwan and companies from other countries will exhibit the new technology and new products of the new products the General Assembly of the LED Taiwan TILS and TechSTAGE Technology Forum.

[TILS 6 Museum and 5 LED DC - smart technology and application integration]
Intelligent lighting is the latest trends in lighting technology. Then, by integration with other sectors in order to improve the progress of OLED technology, it will be to promote the rapid growth of the intelligent lighting industry. It based on the health and organic EL lighting intelligent lighting on the theme pavilion TILS 6. These topics, organized by the exhibition organizers that have been established, ITRI will showcase the latest achievements in the application of light control technology of medical professionals. In response to the demand of the market, Taiwan-based LED also is, high brightness LED, sapphire, production of power modules, the other area of interest, such as the latest developments and trends in LED packaging production solutions and intelligent LED lighting technology of the show, Offers.

[Event to invite potential foreign buyers - Buy the negotiation host 1 to 1]
TAITRA overseas offices actively invite overseas buyers, LED TILS increases the likelihood of success of Taiwan procurement, you can improve the benefits of the resultant these Fair. Trade Association is more than 60 foreign buyers, mainland China, Japan, the United States, India, Malaysia, most of the exhibition of them from the United Kingdom six countries, he said that it has been pre-registered. These buyers have also won more than the United States that will be fair, the United States, Germany, China, Romania, includes the large companies of Algeria, from US $ 10 one million opportunities to participate in the procurement of the $ 1 billion conference also, it is expected to create more value.

2016 TILS and LED Taiwan is, frankly, not only a business card (exchange visitor of the path) a representative of the relationship between Taiwan and overseas business through researchers involved, it should allow the students and graduate students (and exchange of university the visitors pass) from April 13 to 15, the public of the visitors will be able to participate in the trade fair of April 16, for the sake of freedom.
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