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The world's most popular top 50 enterprises of what brand Logo in common

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The world's most popular top 50 enterprises of what brand Logo in common

The visual identity of a brand can make or break a brand in the eyes of a demanding consumer. In the course of a single company history, various logos serve as indicators of values, loyalty and togetherness.

Often, a logo indicates the presence or movement of a product we know too much time. When you see a McDonald's golden arch, you think of Big Mac and fries. When the BMW logo, you think of a slick machine. When you see the Google logo, you think of searching for answers online. Beyond this, however, seeing a logo triggers how you feel about a company and what they provide.

It was not easy, but we have chosen what we believe are the 50 most iconic brand logos and provided stories for each. In some cases, the designer is unknown, and in other cases, there are more designers and founders. For some, we could not include every single logo that have had throughout their existence, but we gave highlights. Nuances aside, the story of the logo of your favorite brand is an adventure in a more visual story that we are all unwittingly a part.

To make a success of your brand 's logo, simple shapes seem to be the key. This infographic below , by examining the color , fonts , shapes, and several other standard logo in number were divided . According to this infographic , we will have some important findings : being analyzed 50 logo in red and blue is the most popular color . And wherein there are 43 companies will not use more than two colors in the logo .

After careful observation of the logo, you will find that the implied design ideas are not many of these top companies logo, each other and did not seem very different at the end of the presentation . For consumers, still the most simple design is easy to understand .The world's most popular top 50 enterprises of what brand Logo in common

In respect of the list of the top 25 brand logo voted . The final results showed that consumers like Amazon, Apple and Starbucks , and although the number of more than a rectangular logo circular logo , but the latter ( BMW and Target department store , for example) is more lovable.

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