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What is LED Beam Viewing Angles

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Many clients have the doubts what is LED Viewing Angles, which is a widely used LED technical specification. Show you a photos to get a quick understanding of Viewing Angles.


The Viewing Angle from an LED (LED stands for “light emitting diode”) module is the “light cone”.

Different LED brands have different viewing angles, and this difference must be taken into account when LED is installed into a sign or other retail Lighting fixture.

LEDs are directional by nature, casting a cone of light from the luminaire (eg. ceiling) that culminates in a circle of light on the target area (eg. floor). The angle of the beam dictates the size of the area to be covered in light.
The ideal beam angle of your LED bulb or luminaire is determined by the distance between the light source and the target area for illumination. Generally speaking, the farther the light source is from the target area, the smaller the beam angle required to effectively illuminate the space.


If you are still not clear about what is LED Viewing Angle, then you need to know the LED Basic strucutre. See the photo below.

LED Chip: one of the most important components ---- Cree, Philip, Epistar Brand is widely used in high-end lighting. M2 Light Stop choose Epistar LED Chip at default.

An LED chip is basically a tiny semiconductor diode, and is also the LED component that actually emits the light. The LED chip quality will directly impact the LED’s long term performance – a low quality chip will result in lower brightness, less color consistency and shorter lifespan.


LED DEGRADATION: a decreasing level of lighting brightness and intensity over time.

Some brands which initially show a strong lighting performance do not maintain that level of intensity over time. That can mean problems when your customer calls to complain about her sign that “looks much dimmer than it did when you installed it.”

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